1. Enrolment and grant of commission

          2. Ad hoc appointsment / regularization

          3. Allotment / Vacation / Eviction of Government Quarters /

              Government hired accomodation matters

           4. Examination and courses

           5. Creation and Abolition of posts

           6. Pay & Allowances, pensionary benefits, compensation

           7. Diciplinary Cases

                     (a) Court Martial

                               (i) Summary Court /martial

                               (ii) General Court Martial

                               (iii) District Court Martial

                               (iv) Summary General Court Martial

                     (b) Summary Award / Summary Tital

                     (c) Court inquiry

                     (d) Recording of summary of evidence

                     (e) Administrative Action including termination of services

                     (f) Award censure

                     (g) Suspension

                     (h) Bails

                     (i) Wrongful confinement

                     (j) Disciplinary and Vigilance Ban

                     (k) Reversion

           8. Deputation / repatriation / absorption in Government / Public Sector

           9. Ration and Uniform

           10. Leave Travel Concession

           11. Medical Facilities

           12. Special provisions for Ex-servicemen / physically

                 handicapped / casualty       

           13. Retirement, dismissal, discharge, release and regination 

                      (a) Pre-mature discharge after inquiry

                      (b) Discharge on medical ground

                      (c) Discharge on misconduct

                      (d) Discharge on the ground of reduction of strength

                      (e) Discharge on the ground that the recruit is unlikely to become

                            efficient soldier

                      (f) Discharge due to red - ink entry

                      (g) Discharge due to non grant of extension

                      (h) Discharge on compassionate ground

                      (i) Other discharge  

              14. Selection / Promotion / grant of substantive rank etc

                      (a) Promotion to Naib Subedar

                      (b) Promotion to Subedar

                      (c) Promotion to Subedar Major

                      (d) Promotion of Commissioned Officers

                      (e) Other promotional matters

                                 (i) Air Force

                                 (ii) Navy

                      (f) Granting honorary Ranks

              15. Seniority / Confirmation

              16. Claims of Medical reimbursement Leave, Joining time etc

              17. Compassionate appointment / appointment of dependents

                    of employees dying in harness

               18. Crossing of efficiency bar

               19. Date of Birth

                20. Entry in Character Rolls / Confidential Records / Services Records

                21. Fixation of Pay

                22. Travel Regulations

                23. Grant of pension, family pensions, other retirement benefits and

                       interest on retrial benefits

                24. Refusal to grant Advance / Loans

                25. Grant, refusal or recovery of allowances 

                26. Stagnation increment

                27. Annual Cnfidential Reports

                28. Compulsary retirement

                29. Retiral benefits ( other than pension )

                30. Pension matters :-

                           (a) Disability pension

                                    (i) Injury

                                    (ii) Disease

                                    (iii) War injury

                                    (iv) Broad banding

                           (b) Family pensions

                                    (i) Ordinary Family Pension

                                    (ii) Liberalized Family Pension

                                    (iii) Special Family Pension

                           (c) Service Pension

                                    (i) Ordinary Service Pension

                                    (ii) Mustering out Pension

                                    (iii) Invaliding out Pension

                                    (iv) Reservist Pension

                31. Maintenance allowance

                32. Contempt matters :-

                          (a) For using any insulating or threatening language

                                or causing any interruption or disturbance in the


                          (b) Willful disobediance / noncompliance of order of the Tribunal


                33. Miscellaneous : -

                          (a) Review application

                          (b) Restoration application

                          (c) Application for correction in judgements

                          (d) Application for execution of earlier order

                          (e) Cases not covered under any of the above categories