First Chairperson

Hon'ble  Mr A.K. Mathur
Former Judge Supreme Court Of India
Joined as Chairperson Armed Forces Tribunal New Delhi on 24/08/2008

First Member(Judicial)

Hon'ble Mr Justice Bharwroo Khan
Hon'ble Former Judge Rajasthan High Court
Took charge of the Of Member(Judicial) on 10.07.2009

Demitted Office on 09.07.2012 in afternoon

First Member (Administration)

Shri Susheel Gupta
Former Lt Gen (SWT)
Took charge of the Of Member(Administration) on 22.06.2009

First Registar

Shri C P Singh, RHJS(Rtd)
Former District and Session judge
Took charge of the Of Registar on 01.10.2009

Demitted Office on 10.07.2012 in afternoon

First Deputy Registrar

Shri Buddhi Prakash Mathur after having been retired from Rajasthan High Court from the post of Deputy Registrar was appointed as First Deputy Registrar of this Bench.  He assumed the office of Deputy Registrar on 11.09.2009.  He had served for more than 40 years in Rajasthan High Court and among other officers (Registrar Classifications) he remained closely associated with the task of computerization of Rajasthan High Court and Rajasthan Lower judiciary.  The advantage of his this knowledge and skill was also utilized by this Bench.  Under his, able guidance web-site of this Bench was developed, associated softwares, programmes, applications were made and data entry of cases has been successfully carried out.  Uniq feature of this software is that all kine of causelists (daily cause list, daily supplimentry cause list of Court aswellas of Registrar (of Jaipur and Jodhpur), Ready List and Warning list is being generated automatically.  The cases are also scruitinized automatically.  Institution Registers, Disposala registers, Balance Registers and Challan Registers are created through system.  Whereabout of a case can be cross-checked by many entries.  

Lt Gen (Retd) Sushil Gupta
Lt Gen (Retd) Sushil Gupta

Hon'ble Member (Administration)

Hon'ble Lt Gen (Retd) Susheel Gupta, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, is an alumnus of National Defence Academy, Commissioned from Indian Military Academy into the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles on 16 Dec 1967. The Hon'ble Member is a graduate of Defence Service Staff College, Wellington and also the prestigious National Defence College. The Hon'ble Member has had varied command, staff and instructional experience in a span of over four decades of his distinguished career having served in all types of terrain and insurgency afficted areas. He has held staff appointments at Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army), Corps and Divisional Headquarters. His Command assignments include command of 5 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles, an Infantry Brigade, an Infantry Division and a Strike Corps. For His distinguished services, the Hon'ble Member has been awarded  "Param Vishisht Seva Medal" , "Ati Vishisht Seva Medal" and "Yudh Seva Medal". The Hon'ble Member bid adieu to the uniform from the post of Deputy Chief of the Army Staff, Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence ( Army ) on 31 Jan 2008.  

The Hon'ble Member is an avid golfer.

The Hon'ble Member is married to Mrs Poonam Gupta. They have two daughters, who are married and are well settled.

Appointed as Member (Administration), Armed Forces Tribunal, Regional Bench, Jaipur on 22.06.2009



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